All-Russian Flax Field Day - 2018 (Russian Federation, Smolensk region)

Private enterprise "NEW CENTURY Spring" took part in the "All-Russian Flax Field Day - 2018", which was held in the Russian Federation (Smolensk region) from 31.07.2018 to 01.08.2018.
The administration of the Smolensk region, in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, held the "All-Russian Flax Field Day - 2018" on the territory of Pochinoksky district from July 30 to August 1, 2018.
An exposition of modern agrotechnologies was developed on the open platform, which demonstrated the advanced achievements of agricultural science and production in the field of flax growing in the field.
The scientific selection centers of Russia and the Republic of Belarus, seed farms, branches of federal structures in the field of plant growing, higher and secondary education institutions, leading agricultural organizations and processing enterprises, representatives of leading companies engaged in plant protection in Russia, companies for the supply of biologics , mineral and organic fertilizers, credit institutions, microfinance organizations and insurance companies.
Specialized sites presented the latest achievements of agricultural engineering: machine complexes at all stages of production of flax-dolguntsa. The exhibition was attended by more than 50 companies, which presented more than 100 samples of new progressive agricultural machinery.
At the stand of the enterprise, products of own production were presented: compression springs, tension springs, spring springs.


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