Grand sale of warehouse stocks!!!

The Belarusian producer "NOVY VEK spring" specializes in the market of spring products for mechanical engineering since 2011. 
With a wide range of products and large inventories of constant demand, we can offer You individual items at reduced, sale prices.
The reasons for the markdown made by us can be different-from the need to reduce inventory and increase working capital, to broken packaging and limited time.
 Detailed and comprehensive information You can be obtained directly from the specialists responsible for a specific product item (see the electronic catalog of this site). In addition, according to the list of sales and our catalog, You can request the desired purchase price, and the seller has the right, after considering Your offer and finding it acceptable, to agree.


Tooth spring PB 16.01.607
Tooth spring Wolagri 12R004
Tooth spring Krone 270050120
Tooth spring Krone 9381483
Tooth spring Tornado
Tooth spring BS 24.06.07
Tooth spring Lemken 3538802
Tooth spring Lemken 3537055
Tooth spring Borgo 2070-06 / 2070-27 / 2070-77
Spring tooth 2490.00.00-01-01-06
Tooth spring Hatzenbichlier 9310 / 9312 / 9309 –
Tooth spring 494.813
Tooth spring 445067
Tooth spring 47.305.027
Tooth spring KVS 4-390. 36. 01
Tooth spring Claas 626987.0
Tooth spring Top 15.002
(the list will be updated, expect updates)
We are glad to see You with us!!!


М: +375 29 6351622
T/F РБ: +375 (212) 269627
Т/F РФ: +7 4812 294364



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