The Committee on Agriculture and Food Vitebsk oblast executive committee Communal Unitary Agricultural Enterprise "State Farm Masherov"

211135, agro Moshkany Str. H.Tsurana, 14, Senno district, Vitebsk region.

During the period of 2009-2010 (TTN№0211882, 0211839, 0763010) contact tines raking grass were obtained in the amount of 180 pieces.
Of these, 130 002 684 050 teeth marks were set at 6.2 WBG rakes produced by JSC "Lidselmash" to replace the failed and 50 pieces of brand HWR 07.00.005 have been installed on a rake HWR-630 manufactured by JSC "Bobruiskagromash".
Rakes were used to raking of green mass (grass). Average time of 002684050 marks of teeth was 750 hours, the brand HWR 07.00.005 - 400 hours. During rake compared the analogous set by the manufacturer of the teeth with the teeth of production of LLC "New Century".
Significant deviations in the geometric dimensions of the teeth is not revealed. As there have been no breakages of teeth. Abrasion all insignificant.
Based on this we can conclude that the teeth of your production in performance are not inferior to the same teeth mounted on the JSC "Lidselmash". Teeth marks HWR 07.00.005 produced by "New Century" differ from the analogs previously installed at JSC "Bobruiskagromash" high resistance to abrasion and damage and the absence of deformations.


Open Joint Stock Company "Bobruiskagromash"

213822, Mogilsvskai reg., Bobruisk Str. Bus 5.

In 2009-2011. The plant received the teeth raking HWR - 07.0 (5.005 in the amount of 26,000 units, and in an amount of GH 700.1,8.00.604 15000shtuk..
Over the entire period of the supply of comments and complaints on the quality of your teeth raking production of consumer rake -voroshilok ELT-630 and GR-700 rakes have been reported.
At the technical control service of "Bobruiskagromash" regarding the technical characteristics and geometrical parameters, as well as the quality of the coating of teeth no comments. The teeth produced by "New Century" fully comply with the requirements of our plant to the quality of the teeth.
It is planned to rake all GR-700 and ELT-630 according to the production plan for 2011 to complete the teeth raking About


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